GOVERNANCE:   Opportunity Knocks will be an extension of the education committee and included in NvHIMA marketing. The funds are held in a separate posting in the financial records – not to be considered part of the current scholarship fund, but rather a type of financial assistance. Opportunity Knocks is funded strictly by gifts or sponsorship through NvHIMA members and friends of NvHIMA. It was created as an opportunity for members to give back to the profession that has served so many of us very well. This fund is separate from the NvHIMA Scholarship that is awarded yearly. As NvHIMA’s tax exempt status does not include allowance for tax deductions, we will insure that advertising of this program includes notice of same.

PURPOSE:   The purpose of Opportunity Knocks is to provide monetary support to an incoming HIM student or an HIM professional who wishes to expand their education further. This award is not restricted to accredited HIM programs. This assistance may include but not be limited to HIM related textbooks for a course, online course fees, or registration fee for a certification exam offered through AHIMA. Opportunity Knocks will hopefully generate more interest in the HIM profession and growth in NvHIMA membership through marketing by offering reasonable monetary support in exploring the profession.

WHEN:   The funds in Opportunity Knocks will be dispersed as funds are available. Every quarter, applications will be considered for review. There is no set amount or only one recipient applying.   This will also be determined by number of applicants and timeliness of the request.

WHO MAY APPLY:   Members of NvHIMA, NNvHIMA, SNvHIMA , recent graduates of HIM program, high school graduates interested in exploring a career in HIM.

APPLICATION:     Those interested in applying must complete a simple application to explain the need and purpose. The application will require proof of registration in an HIM program. The application shall be forwarded for review by the Chairman of the education committee or an education committee member, treasurer of NvHIMA and the president of each of the local associations (NNvHIMA and SNvHIMA). It will require a minimum of three people to review and recommend each applicant. Through collaboration, a determination will be made and awarded.

Funds will not be sent directly to recipient, but rather a check will be forwarded to the organization providing the education, or book store, etc., in the name of the designated recipient.

PAY IT FORWARD:   The recipient of Opportunity Knocks Award will be encouraged to pay it forward to NvHIMA through attendance at the state and local meetings to share knowledge of the educational opportunity, and/or volunteering for a committee, holding office in the future whether at the local or state level.