About Us

Our History

The Nevada Health Information management Association (NvHIMA) was established in 1973.  There are currently over 506 professionals and students throughout Nevada who hold active membership.  These health information specialists manage health information systems in hospitals and other health care facilities and hold a variety of responsible positions in government and industry.

Growing and changing to keep pace with the needs of its members, and an ever more complex health care industry, NvHIMA is the state’s authoritative body on health records and health information systems.  It is the only statewide organization, which represents Nevada’s health Information Leaders.

NvHIMA’s Objectives

As a member organization we seek to:

  • Ensure electronic health records in the state of Nevada meet all local, regional, state and national guidelines.
  • Ensure that a mechanism is in place to meet the requirements for confidentiality and privacy.
  • Ensure that ongoing tools are developed for the preservation of consistent and measurable quality of documentation.
  • Ensure that present and incoming HIM professionals have the education, resources and support to maintain the highest ethical standards in their chosen field.

Position Statements:

(1) AHIMA’s Statement on Quality Healthcare Data and Information

Improving the quality of data, information, and knowledge in the U.S. healthcare system is paramount as this country transitions from paper to electronic health records.  Everyone involved with documenting or using health information is responsible for its quality.  It is the responsibility of Health Information Management professionals to educate, train, and monitor professionals documenting in health records.

(2) AHIMA’s Statement on the Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security of Health Records

NvHIMA has a long history of working to protect the confidentiality of individuals’ health information and of promoting fair practices.  The public expects that privacy will be protected and that identifiable information will be used only for purposes authorized by the individual, or otherwise permitted by law.

(3) AHIMA’s Health Information Management Professionals are Uniquely Qualified as Privacy and Security Officials

Professionals in Health Information Management have engaged in rigorous training in confidentiality of protected health information and have been educated in the legal aspects of release of health records.  HIM professionals receive licensing/certification and are required to write a national examination and maintain continuing education credits.

(4) AHIMA’s Take Action to Educate and Expand the Health Information Management (HIM) Professional Workforce

NvHIMA strives to recruit, educate and retain health information management professionals in the state of Nevada.  And organize professional members to promote communication, develop, and participate in local, state and national Health Information Management activities.